with love, Tasnim x APE Malaysia

Hey Angels, 

The team at with love, Tasnim has the dream to help shape the future of sustainable fashion.

We love fashion and we want to try our best to not be one of the reasons for environmental degradation. At with love, Tasnim, we will do things differently to stay true to our dream.
Our team will start by NOT stocking up on inventories to avoid dead stocks and unnecessary labour. We want to produce by demand only to make sure we make only what we need and what you want.

(This may affect the timeline for our items to reach you as we do not have ready stocks, but we hope you understand that we are doing this for a greater cause! <3)
Additionally, we are also partnering with Animal Projects & Environmental Education Sdn. Bhd. (APE Malaysia) to give back to Mother Earth.

APE Malaysia is a social enterprise that focuses on improving wildlife welfare in captivity and in the wild through the development of volunteering projects and educational programs.

APE’s projects are designed to support and contribute towards conservation projects in a sustainable manner. Embedded within partner conservation sites, their projects aim to benefit the environment, wildlife, animals and community of the area through monitored and measured conservation outcomes.

The collaboration with APE is something that our team is absolutely thrilled to share, as it has been quite a journey for us in finding the right partner with like minded goals.
How can you give back to Mother Earth with us?
Purchase our shopping bags and 15% of the proceeds will be donated to APE Malaysia’s initiative to Plant a Tree. The trees will be planted in the forest reserves & wildlife sanctuary land along the Lower Kinabatangan River, Sabah. 
How does planting trees help the environment?
  • First sighting of mother and baby orangutan nesting in trees planted by volunteers in July 2016;
  • Sightings and indirect evidences of wildlife within various planting sites such as deer,  civets, macaques, hornbills, elephant, reptiles and various birds; 
  • Junior canopy generated within 3 years of care and maintenance with trees at least 3.5metres (12 feet) tall on each reforested plot; 
  • 3.5 hectares of reforested floodplain rainforest; 
  • More than 42,000 trees planted;
  • 75-85% survival rate – one of the highest in the region to see the formation of healthy junior   canopies within 3 years. 
*Success indicators 2007-2021 by APE Malaysia 
Let's make sustainable fashion a reality together. Everything starts from us, so let's take the first steps and lead the change together. Right here, right now at withlovetasnim.com ;)
Lotsa’ love,
Your cupids at with love, Tasnim.